Knit With Love was started after Lindsay Baxter (founder) passed out scarves and hats to individuals on Skid Row in December 2008. Since then we have maintained our commitment to helping people in need in our local community. We frequently donate to local individuals who are homeless or living in poverty as well as individuals suffering from serious illnesses. We donate to Christmas outreaches every year in Orange County and surrounding counties. We also regularly donate caps, blankets and shawls to local hospitals. 


Survivors of Natural Disasters 

Impoverished Individuals Abroad

Local Individuals in Need

People We Serve

Homeless and Impoverished Individuals in the U.S.

We have donated hand knit and crochet clothing items to people in eight states across the United States. These include homeless children and adults, women and children living in shelters, hospital patients, and many others. 

We regularly donate to impoverished individuals abroad who have inadequate clothing and shelter. Children living in orphanages or visiting hospitals in areas around the world have received our gifts of sweaters, blankets, caps, scarves, and other hand-knit and crochet items. We have donated to children in countries in Africa and Central America who have loved the extraordinarily beautiful items they have received from us, as they often times have so little else to call their own. 

Many survivors of devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters are left with little or no clothing and shelter. Soon after the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti we donated thick crocheted blankets which were crucial in providing warmth and padding for individuals who lost their homes. We have continued donating knit and crochet items to Haiti including blankets, caps, dolls, bags and more. We also donated knit items following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. In 2014 we donated beanies and stuffed bears to children in the Philippines.